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While everyone else is
     asleep at night,
I sit awake thinking and
     I try to fight
all the urges I have
     to sit and cry.
I usually lose the battle
     I'm not gonna lie.
Sitting waist deep in thought,
     trapped in my head,
I try to stay happy knowing
     every thing you said.
Your always so right, and when you said
     this isn't good bye,
I knew you were right. You gave me
     the courage to fly.
Now there is 1095 miles
     that set us apart,
and sometimes I just want to go
     back to the start.
But I'll hold myself together until I
     can see you again.
I can't stop thinking about you;
     my lover, my friend.
I want nothing more than to
     hold you at night.
I don't know what you changed
     but nothing feels right.
I sleep on the couch pretending
     that it's your touch,
and while you have given me strength
     to do so much. . .
I hope I'm strong enough to tell you what
     I need to say
I love you more than anything! Oh,
     and happy Valentine's day.

*love note* I can't sleep without you. I don't care how corny I look. You scare me so much because I know how much you can hurt me. But I love you so much it has to be worth it. I do love you. I always have.


rawr, how the hell did I get so corny and ridiculous. . . >.>